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listening, exploring, challenging

In my work I meet people who have the habit of stepping back from the demands of everyday life to get a clearer perspective of where they are right now with their career. It can be a turning point.

About Me
I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the largest organisation of its kind globally and I specialise in the area of Executive Communication which interests me because it’s a core business activity which touches almost everything we do at work. Communication has also been a recurring theme throughout my own career in sales, publishing and consultancy.


Three Core Outcomes from My Executive Coaching

  1. Get clarity and insight into the issues you bring
  2. Explore the options which lie ahead
  3. Map an action plan going forward

My Executive Coaching clients include…

  • The Founder & CEO of an international software manufacturer based in Shenzhen.
  • The Head of Finance in Asia of a major European engineering company.
  • The Founder/Owner of a business in the Hong Kong media and entertainment sector.
  • The Creative Director of a Financial Services business in Asia Pacific.
  • A newly promoted Senior Manager in the offshore Banking sector.

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My Coaching Format & Fees


Online/Face to Face/In-Company


Online/Face to Face: 75 minutes plus free Introductory  30 minute Orientation


Face to Face – 1:1 – 75 minute sessions

HK$2,100 per session (Self Sponsored discounted to HK$1,800 per session)

Online  – 1:1 – 75 minute sessions

HK$1,800 per session (Self Sponsored discounted to HK$1,500 per session)


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My Soft Skills Bank – Presentation Skills

During our Coaching Sessions, a key resource which can help to explore outcomes and move on is my Soft Skills database which is a collection of interpersonal techniques based on your own, authentic communication style. It can smooth the way forward when blockages are encountered.

For example, a conflict situation might be resolved by asking questions and actively listening to the answers – both of which are Soft Skills. It’s our authentic behaviour plus influence and persuasion skills that act together to open up fresh perspectives and see situations in a new way.

We apply the Soft Skill resource in a case study scenario, role playing the options and developing our emotional resources and how to communicate them effectively. It’s a development tool.

The Linkedin Global Employer Survey 2020 found that the Top 5 skills company’s were looking for in new hires were …Soft Skills

If Hard Skills are defined as your technical and professional knowledge, Soft Skills are driven by your instincts and preferences blended with your experience. Employers want people who can respond confidently to interpersonal situations.

Moving Ahead with Soft Skills

Your team members are making progress along their career path. They have mastered the practical aspects of how to get things done.  

Now, at this level, managing successfully means the smart use of a range of second tier skills which are subtle and require greater discretion in their application. These are Soft Skills and they include:

decision making, problem solving, empathy , judgment and collaboration.

Find Your Voice & Use It

5 Breakthrough Communication Workshops to raise your profile & increase your influence at work

Skills that can’t be automated. It’s the human connection. Soft skills create the interface between your product or service and the client’s processes like automation and data analysis. They cover the details and responses vital to achieve the aspects of human interaction which can make or break a client relationship.

Whereas Hard Skills rely on a process to reach completion…calculation, assessing, reporting…   you now need to select and apply discretionary skills to help you to be effective in more complex and dynamic situations using more discretion and finesse.


This suite of 5 practical workshops will show you how

Critical Thinking

A half day hands-on workshop

 Critical Thinking (CT) asks how can we do things better. It challenges current thinking because markets are constantly changing and we need to be constantly looking ahead. CT encourages input to the planning process from a range of perspectives inside the organisation and outside the management team.

The Status Quo – Defining Change – Stakeholders – Clarity of Purpose Evidence – Collaboration – Communication


A half day hands-on workshop

The added 2-way communication which Storytelling enables reaches further and has more impact with the introduction of Soft Skills techniques.  An example of great storytelling is when you take examples from the human experience and apply them to illustrate a concept which illustrates a response to these. Listeners are inspired to explore these personal experiences, asking questions and providing experiences of their own. 

Finding a Link – Defining our Purpose – A Formula for Engagement – Building your Style


A half day hands-on workshop

The first objective of this comprehensive, ‘start to finish’ workshop is to discover your authentic presentation style and build on that to create a communication method which is effective and natural.  Engaging with stakeholders  is the next key skill we will cover. It’s a catalyst for the audience to take action and see results. A value added for a Presentation comes with the introduction of Soft Skills and ensure that the impact they bring delivers tangible  outcomes for the audience.

By introducing  elements of Critical Thinking to the Presentation we can  quickly engage an audience in the process and explor fresh perspectives.

Positioning Your Message – Building Your Style – 3 Essential Elements – Planning – Q&A

Thought Leadership

A half day hands-on  workshop

When we are at the front of an organisation it isn’t difficult to have an overview of things. We can see where we’re going, and what needs to be adjusted to ensure that we stay on course. Communicating all of this activity and the vision you have of the way forward is critical.

Stakeholders are not only restricted to shareholders and your suppliers. The Media and through them the public are in your audience. Your competitors and your work force all expect to hear from you directly or indirectly, about what you are thinking.

Critical Analysis – Credibility & Trust – Engagement – Storytelling – Our Message

Making a Case

A half day hands-on workshop

This highly visible activity can achieve high impact levels for your case particularly when it is blended with other Soft Skills such as Storytelling and Presentation techniques which add accessibility and allow the audience to identify more clearly with your aim. Delivering your case in story form strikes an emotional response with the listeners which can open up  a dialogue for discussion.

Defining the Issue – Testing our Solution – Influence & Persuasion – Implementation


Duration and Participant Numbers:

Delivery Mode: Online

Workshop duration: Half Day/4 hours

Number of Participants: 1 – 4



HK$1,750 per participant



for more information call +852 9263 8594 or email