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There are 2 main channels that describe what I do…Coaching and Skills Development

Both themes are built around the application of Soft Skills…

>          for Coaching we may use a range of Soft Skills to highlight difficulties that are confronting you and explore courses of action that come up

>          Let’s say you’ve decided to get some input on a decision you need to make. We might decide to try out telling the situation as a story or applying some principals of Critical Thinking to shed some light on things.

>           Sometimes we may agree to Role Play the situation. We’re creating an objective view from several perspectives.

>           Alternatively, we might decide to use Soft Skills (Self Compassion maybe or Decision Making) directly to help open up a view of your options and see how useful they are in a simulation.

The second channel I offer is Business Skills Development. You may have found my website here through my weekly articles on LinkedIn in which I’ve explored the use of over 60 Soft Skills (so far!).  We use my Soft Skills database to try out using your own scenarios to uncover Soft Skills individually or in formation.

I hope that you find something you are looking for here. I would be delighted to discuss what’s on your mind with you.

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moving up

You are making progress along your career path.
You have mastered the practical aspects of how to get things done and meet the expectations of the company.
Now you are gaining higher visibility in the organisation and handling more complex challenges.

Soft Skills

At this level, managing successfully requires the smart use of a range of higher skills which are more intuitive, subtle and require discretion to be used in their application…at this level in the organisation, you will be introduced to the Soft Skills suite which includes Critical Thinking, Making a Case and Presentations.

You may be expected to lead a team in a way which will get results but also gives each member new challenges which you can work through together within a specific time frame. For example…Objective Setting, Teamwork and Stakeholder Management which are examples of Soft Skills.

Achieve Optimal Effectiveness

Whereas the Hard Skills you have been using provided the basic toolkit you needed to complete your tasks until now, for example calculation, assessing and reporting, you now need to select and apply skills that can help you achieve optimal effectiveness in more complex and dynamic situations with more discretion and finesse.
Our Soft Skills Workshops introduce and develop the following key business skills for you to learn and use.

Soft Skills to Meet Your Growing Challenges


  • Meeting Management blend efficiency with spontaneity as you encourage engagement leading to effective outcomes
  • Experience-based Storytelling authenticity is crucial to the successful applications of your experiences and this  tutorial will bring that to the front to be applied in situations from motivating colleagues to persuading clients.
  • Breakthrough Presentations A successful presentation can deliver so much in return for the relatively low output involved in producing and delivering it and yet low expectation of presenters and  audiences result in outcomes that are far short of their potential. After this tutorial there will be no excuse for achieving anything less than your highest expectations.
  • Mentoring For many of Managers, Mentoring was their first experience of responsibility of being responsible for the development of others and it’s a good place to start to find your management style because the benefits are rich for both Mentor and Mentee. So get ready to step up and reach out with this tutorial.
"Life is like DIY...

……it doesnt always fit perfectly”



three core outcomes from executive coaching

  1. get clarity and insight into the issues you bring
  2. explore the options which lie ahead
  3. map an action plan going forward

about me

I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the largest organisation of its kind globally and I specialise in the area of Executive Communication which interests me because it’s a core business activity which touches almost everything we do at work. Communication has also been a recurring theme throughout my own career in sales, publishing and consultancy.

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Responding to Disruption

Of all the upheavals created by the Covid pandemic, the most visible and maybe the most unexpected was the overnight removal of business activity from corporate workplace to the living rooms of it’s employees.

Working from Home (WfH)’ as it became known as, happened so fast and so smoothly that there wasn’t the time to weigh up the pro’s and con’s, let alone the risks.

Ideas, and experiences to make WFH work for you and your family.