All Life Learning

Navigating life with the All Life Learning (A.L.L) mindset as a resource, gives us a huge advantage which, in my experience, consistently opens up new dimensions to our purpose in life and how to access it.

I consider A.L.L to be a Soft Skill which, when it’s connected with other tools in the Soft Skill range, increases our capacity to respond to challenging situations and get more insight into the potential for applying creative opportunities. We’re more alert, on the look-out for what stimulates us and taking action which leads to the unexpected, the thought provoking and the deeply satisfying.

Other Soft Skills that can be harnessed to enhance the All Life Learning experience include…Storytelling, Brainstorming, Thought Leadership and Critical Thinking which, in turn, are all enhanced by the extra clarity and inquisitiveness which A.L.L stimulates.

For example, imagine that you want to communicate a particular insight you have about an aspect of work your team are doing. You think about framing this as a story which creates a picture of how we are doing things now, how they could be better and how we can achieve that better outcome by using our personal style and experience to help us. It’s the process of Storytelling, which is a strong influencing tool that opens up new perspectives for your team to explore.  

Of course, it helps if you have always enjoyed telling stories and liked the reaction you got when you did. Now, you’re building on that skill by finding out more and accumulating some tools and techniques which give the confidence and the enthusiasm tried out and feel good about using. Sharing your interest with others adds an extra dimension to your satisfaction and knowledge. You become a mentor and the pleasure this role brings along with the development of your own skill is rewarding.

Our half day Storytelling Workshop is currently available online. Contact me for more information.