The concept of ‘All Life Learning’ (A-L-L) is one which I recommend and support wholeheartedly. It draws on all 3 dimensions:

LENGTH (of Time), BREADTH (of Knowledge) and DEPTH (of Experience)

Of course, length is important because, the longer we live, the more knowledge we have the potential to gather and use.  A wide breadth of knowledge exposes us to a fuller range of what life has for us to explore and the deeper we delve into the ‘how and why’ of our experience of life, the more information we acquire to feed and nourish our curiosity, our sense of Being and maybe, our understanding of where we fit into it all.

The enquiring mindset which, in my experience practising All Life Learning, can lead us to some pretty surprising places. For example, when Covid hit and everyone began searching for something meaningful to do….it wasn’t only Netflix who answered the call. Searches on Google for ‘Hobbies’  during lock down increased by 400%. Garden suppliers in the UK experienced a massive rise in the  in demand of plants and sales of baking product sales shot through the roof.

My A-L-L journey also began when COVID hit and we were facing the strange phenomenon of having time on our hands. I came up with the idea of writing and joined it up with the development of Soft Skills which I’ve been involved with for several years.

Getting into a rhythm with the weekly articles, introduced me to the big wide world of Social Media and everything which it encompasses.

So, if the All Life Learning concept sounds good to you, I can do no better than to pass on the words of You Tube guru Struthless viz…

     ’Thinking about stuff isn’t doing stuff’ and another one I like ‘Action comes before Motivation’

It’s working for me!