Breakthrough Presentations

The complete 10 step process



Our focus is you. We begin by analysing the important elements of a presentation and identify each participant’s  personal way of delivering them. Next, we explore ways to optimise your communication style by creating an authentic presence which feels comfortable and engaging for you and your audience. A set of tools and techniques is introduced and explored in a series of simulation assignments which are recorded to facilitate individual on-screen coaching.

Book a place on this workshop in Hong Kong and help your team to be ready to deliver every presentation they make for your organisation.



A complete start-to-finish process for planning, delivering and reviewing presentations which can be applied, adapted & developed by each individual user.

Takeaways from the workshop include…how to prioritise the objectives for each presentation & measure their delivery; know & understand your presentation style, look & sound; the Key Elements of Presentation; Planning techniques; your own Storytelling portfolio ;  how to get optimal value from questions; Personalised Deck Design ideas



Breakthrough Presentations is an 8 hour, hands-on workshop for individual clients 1:1 and for groups of up to 12 participants.  The fee of HK$8,900  per participant includes consultation and identification of individual and corporate objectives, development of workshop content, bespoke simulation exercises  & training materials