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      The Business Writing Tune-Up

      From emails and memo’s to proposals and reports…writing in English at work often takes more time and effort than it should and the outcome may sometimes fail to reflect your style.

      Objective :

      To help participants identify the blocks which may slow down the document creation  process and reduce the accuracy and impact of their message.


      Moving the emphasis in document creation from grammar (how we say it) to style (what we say) can simplify the process and increase communication levels considerably. However, the changes enabled by identifying and releasing our blocks to smooth writing can be hindered by deeply embedded barriers…sentence construction issues, grammar gaps, vocabulary confusion…and these need to be identified before we start the road-repair task.

      The next step in the change process will be to align the way you write with your preferred spoken communication style and build this to become the driver of your written communications.


      • Training Needs Assessment : Identifying the Grammar blocks
      • Aligning Your Communication Style: Write as you Speak
      • Remedial input using Action Learning : Closing the Gaps
      • Embedding new learning: Case study scenario’s & role play

      Format :

      10 hours: 5 x  2hr Executive Coaching Programme:  1:1


      My purpose for attending this course was to try to reduce the time taken to write reports which require me to provide an opinion or judgements. Malcolm helped me at the level of composition by giving me a practical system for organising my thoughts. At the document construction level I am now able to apply rules to check and resolve grammar issues which have held me back for years.


      Technical Director, Public Sector

      I have always felt that my written English has been less effective than my spoken English. I find it easier to express myself when speaking and feel that I am able to make my meaning across in a satisfactory way. However, before taking this course, I was not satisfied that with the results of my written English. I now have much greater confidence in the quality of my written English. The clear rules and good opportunities to practice them in role play were very helpful and practical


      Finance Director, Retail