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Management Communication

Developing the interpersonal skills of an organisation’s senior managers is a key area of expertise which I approach using a methodology centred on each individual’s sphere of management & their own personal style of leadership.

Whether it’s giving our view at a senior management meeting on the introduction of a new product or having a conversation in the director’s dining room about political developments in a strategic market, we are aiming at a seemless, ‘joined up’ communication style which allows us to have a feeling of confidence and ease by collaborating with peers, a sense of fulfillment by being proactive, comfort from experiencing a sense of achievement & satisfaction in acknowledging our personal development.

Management Communication – A scenario

6 months before our first coaching session, Ellen had been promoted to head up the HR dept of the US financial services company where she had worked for 8 years. Ellen now found herself attending management meetings at which she introduced and positioned new policy, representing the Hong Kong business on inter-office video conferences and most challenging of all, hosting social functions for visitors from head office to meet staff and clients from Hong Kong.

Describing the situations in which she felt most challenged, Ellen was able to gain some clarity on the interaction with her stakeholders which caused her the greatest concern. Reconstructing these encounters through role play helped us identify the agenda’s of those involved and the strategies available to her in order to respond in a way helped her to engage in an assertive way whist still being herself.

‘Since having coaching, I have become clearer about the responsibilities that I have in my new role and I feel more confident in the way I am able to communicate this formally and informally.’ Ellen S, Head of Human Resources, Hong Kong.


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