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      Corporate Training 1

      Corporate Training

      My work with company’s often starts with a call from corporate management to discuss a development issue which has been identified in one of the areas in which I specialise.  After meeting with them to examine and understand the requirement, I will propose the response which can lead to a resolution of the issue and then implement this in 4 project phases:

      (i) Research. I will conduct interviews with members of the group who form the focus of the development project as well as their key stakeholders and the project champion. A questionnaire may also be created and circulated to the members of the focus group to gather their experiences and views concerning the issue. A short exercise may, if appropriate be included in the questionnaire to assess relevant knowledge within the focus group relating to the issue

      (ii) Recommendations. Based on the information collected in the Research phase, I will present my suggestions for how best to facilitate a development workshop for the focus group to address the issue. This will be discussed, modified where necessary and then incorporated into the final workshop programme.

      (iii) Implementation. A development workshop will be implemented which will is usually of 8 or 16 hours duration for groups of between 8 and 16 participants. My learning style is facilitative, work-based and designed to achieve an equal balance between input and practice of new learning.

      (iv) Feedback On completion of the workshop, participants complete an Learning Action Plan, which can be used as a basis for ongoing internal coaching and mentoring.