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      Discover & Build Your Leadership Style

      Explore the unique mix of strengths and experiences that combine to add up to your own successful management style.


      This skills development programme addresses the feelings of apprehension which are often experienced by newly promoted managers who, in addition to producing results, are now expected to motivate, develop and lead their teams as well as communicate effectively with their peers at senior management level.

      The programme will equip you with the tools & techniques required to optimize your own leadership style and align it with best practice.


      This programme has been found to be of value especially in relation to the concerns new managers have regarding the need to adopt a different persona in order to be successful at the highest level of management.

      As part of this development programme, participants complete a self-assessment with the objective of identifying their own management style and how this can be optimised to apply to a range of leadership challenges including conflict, stress and problem solving.

      The learning style is case study-related, based on participant needs and experience.


      The Toolkit :

       The Integrated Management Style Model : 6 Building Blocks

       Understanding our assumptions, perceptions & feelings

       Modifying behaviour (ours & theirs): The Cognitive Restructuring Model

       Functional Perception: see things in new ways

       Your organisations’ culture & how to work with it

       Conflict resolution

       Effective stress management

      Format :

      i. 2 day Workshop : 4-12 participants.

      ii. 10 week Executive Coaching Programme: 1:1


      For information about this programme, please contact me at info@andrews.hk. You may also reach me at +852 9263 8594 or +852 2530 8121.

      After being promoted to senior management, I had serious concerns about my ability to conform to what I perceived was expected of me. This programme has helped me to develop my own understanding of my capabilities and believe in my ability to deliver these. RT

      Regional Sales Manager, Pharma industry

      I was comfortable in the specialist role in which I had worked for several years and so when promotion to a director level position was offered I questioned whether I would be able to adapt to the broader, more visionary perspective of business planning and direction. This programme helped me to identify the specific skills of analysis and judgement which I’d taken for granted and also made me realize that I don’t have to change who I am to be a good manager. SC

      Head Corporate Banking, Offshore Bank