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      Discover & Build Your Negotiation Style

      Link your own authentic style of influencing & persuading to our set of best practice negotiation techniques & you’ll  see the result by the end of the day!


      Research has found that negotiators often fail to achieve the potential outcomes of their deals because of a lack of systematic planning. This workshop introduces negotiation best practice within the context of a rigorous and comprehensive but easy-to-use planning process. Participants focus on their individual persuasion style and strengths, fine-tuning these to ensure optimal outcomes for every negotiation. Whether you’re a seller negotiating within the context of client relationships, a buyer seeking to get the best value for the business from the supply market, a financial specialist conducting highly leveraged negotiations with the bank, a technical end user or IT team member negotiating contract specifications or an HR professional seeking to influence the outcome of discussions regarding remuneration policy, this workshop will be of help you to manage the process  confidently and effectively.


      As we proceed through the negotiation process, new learning is applied in groups, using a case study to model the tools & techniques as they are introduced.  Negotiations at each stage are recorded and played back with on-screen coaching. Workshop documentation includes a practical, time saving & easy to use Negotiation Planning Template which blends your business environment with best practice.

      The Toolkit :

      • Individual negotiation style profiling
      • Negotiation competence assessment
      • Step-by-Step Planning templates
      • Structured implementation process
      • Customized case study
      • Performance feedback & coaching

      Format :

      1. 2 day Workshop : 4-12 participants.
      2. 8 week Executive Coaching Programme: 1:1


      For information about this programme, please contact me at info@andrews.hk. You may also reach me at +852 9263 8594 or +852 2530 8121.

      Deconstructing the negotiation process was extremely useful and helped me to get an objective perspective on a task which I’ve always found difficult to be confident about. The case study work and feedback were valuable