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      Discover & Build Your Presentation Style

      Take control of your presentations using a 6-step planning process which you can follow from start to finish using your own authentic style.

      Objectives :

      Do you feel that your presentations often fall short of the expectations you set for them and fail to reflect your true level of knowledge and expertise? If so, this  workshop can help you to achieve better, more satisfying presentation experiences and replace the acute discomfort you feel when you are giving them with positive feelings of achievement and success.


      The tried and tested methodology introduced  in the workshop follows a step-by-step process covering the key elements of content and style which will be introduced and practiced using material provided by the participants themselves.

      We begin by identifying your preferred style of presentation and then build this to ensure optimal impact and effectiveness. Participants are able to see themselves applying the tools by trying them out on camera followed by individual feedback and on-screen coaching covering topics which include:

      The Toolkit:

      • Identifying & optimizing your authentic Presentation style
      • Setting objectives
      • Gathering the storyline
      • Sequencing
      • Drafting
      • Delivery technique & style
      • Non Verbal Communication
      • Reviewing

      Format :

      1. 1 day Workshop :  4-12 participants.
      2. 4 week Executive Coaching Programme: 1:1

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      For information about this programme, please contact me at info@andrews.hk. You may also reach me at +852 9263 8594 or +852 2530 8121.

      I very much enjoyed the workshop and really felt a change within one day. I liked that we can apply everything we learned and get immediate feedback.