The Executive Coaching Journey – where do you want to go?

Malcolm Andrews, Executive Coach

listening, exploring, challenging

In my work I meet people who have the habit of stepping back from the demands of everyday life to get a clearer perspective of where they are right now with their career. It can be a turning point.

Options, Ideas, Ambitions

What to Expect from Executive Coaching

With Executive Coaching the conversation begins and ends with you. I listen, observe, give feedback & comment

There are opportunities for new learning during Executive Coaching as we explore different ideas and options.

Executive Coaching creates the setting for you to clarify, question, probe and challenge your thoughts


Executive Coaching is an opportunity to articulate what’s going on and get feedback from a different perspective

Executive Coaching is challenging and reaffirming

My Executive Coaching

It’s all about you….   what’s on your mind? what do you want to be different? what will it be like? what are the options? what do you need? what’s next?

It’s you who will be arriving at the decisions, addressing the concerns, the actions, the way forward.

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My Soft Skills Bank

Often, during our conversations, it’s helpful to apply a specific skill or technique to  enhance an action. I have built a database of management skills and tools which, when we decide to apply them to a situation during the coaching session, can open up a whole range of insights and possibilities. Sometimes, we will try the skills out in an impromptu case study or a role play

My Soft Skills Bank database covers the following activities :

Working through a complex challenge – Building & Leveraging Relationships at Work – Making a Case – Making Judgements – Decision Making – Critical Thinking – Influence & Persuasion – Breakthrough Presentations

Three Core Outcomes from My Executive Coaching

  1. You will get clarity and insight into the issues you bring
  2. You will explore the options which lie ahead
  3. You will map an action plan going forward

My Coaching Format & Fees


Online/Face to Face/In-Company


Online/Face to Face: 75 minutes plus free Introductory  30 minute Orientation


Face to Face – 1:1 – 75 minute sessions

Self Sponsored    HK$1,800 per session

Company Sponsored HK$2,100 per session

Online  – 1:1 – 75 minute sessions

Self Sponsored   HK$1,500 per session

Company Sponsored HK$1,800 per session


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Derek’s latest promotion was a step up to the top. After working as a Product Specialist and then   Sales Manager, he was ready to take on a top management role with regional responsibility.

Six months into his new role, Derek had learned a lot, especially about the strategic aspect of business and how to respond to external developments. 

But there was one thing that Derek didn’t feel entirely sure about. His peers at Director level seemed to have expectations of him which were more about what he thought  than what he did. They expected him to share his opinions and ideas. There was pressure on him to be social and participate in gatherings where he had to express his views.

Derek usually approached a new challenge by first getting to understand the mechanics of it and after that, figure out how to manage them. Expressing opinions and sharing ideas didn’t fit into Derek’s scheme so he was struggling.

He tried hard to get his mind around the problem but it was difficult to analyse and didn’t respond to  logic.

Eventually, Derek decided to get some input from an outside source and see if that would yield any insights. He called me and we arranged to meet.

At our first meeting, Derek reviewed the journey which had brought him to this point in his career…his achievements, skills and abilities. We discussed which of his attributes were still valuable in his new role, which of them could be adapted to his new role and which of them had served their purpose. Next, we discussed Derek’s new job description which, when analysed in detail, seemed to give him a free hand to continue to apply what he’d already been doing but now he was to cover the entire company. Gradually, Derek began to see his value beyond his existing perspective. He started exchange ideas with new contacts in other fields and began telling his fellow directors about a future for the company built on external collaboration. Derek found his role. 


Kim opened our first Coaching session with a story she had been told by her father about how his father (Kim’s grandfather) had told him never to expect anything from life because to be successful it was necessary to create your own opportunities.

Sticking to this principle, Kim’s father became the successful owner of a shoe factory in Kwai Chung.

Now, at 38 and successfully pursuing a career as a designer at a  European sportswear company, Kim found herself faced with the choice of accepting a transfer to head office and greater responsibilities or staying in Hong Kong and ‘creating her own opportunities.’

Which way should she go…the tried and true (but uncertain) way of her father and grandfather before her or the apparently secure corporate way?

Coaching provided Kim with the opportunity to step back and get a perspective on the choices before her and then reach a balanced decision.

She began by taking stock of the emotional ties she had to her family…pride, loyalty, love. Then we moved on to look at her own achievements and acknowledge these in her own right. Having taken stock of her ‘values’ as well as her ‘value’ we moved on to look into the future and consider her options. Which option would she take…the familiar or the new? Where were the risks, the fulfilment? Kim achieved a level of clarity which led to the right choice for her.

My Executive Coaching clients include…

  • Founder & CEO of an international software manufacturer based in Shenzhen.
  • Head of Finance in Asia of a major European engineering company.
  • Founder/Owner in the Hong Kong media and entertainment sector.
  • Creative Director, Financial services, Asia Pacific.
  • A newly promoted Senior Manager in the offshore Banking sector.

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