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Step back and get some perspective on the challenges you face at work

1:1 focus on the specific communication challenges encountered by managers and the options available to meet these.


My experience as an Executive Coach is based on more than 20 years of working with organisations in Hong Kong to identify and respond to the development needs of their key people. I deliver carefully designed development opportunities which facilitate change for the individual and add value for the organisation.



When they arrive at a point in their career where they are expected not only to produce results but also to contribute ideas, share opinions & command the confidence of top management, it is then that many managers begin to focus on their management communication style, particularly concerning how to relate to and influence others.

Specialising in the area of Management Communication, my range of workshops and coaching programmes includes, Leadership Style Development, techniques for being Assertive & Engaging in English , Presentation Delivery, Stakeholder Management, Influencing & Negotiating, Meeting Management as well as the application of communication techniques for using English in meetings, teleconferences & social situations.

Developing the interpersonal skills of an organisation’s senior managers is a key area of expertise which I approach using a methodology centred on each individual’s sphere of management & their own personal style of leadership.

Whether it’s giving our view at a senior management meeting or having a conversation over lunch about political developments in a strategic market, we are aiming at a seamless communication style which allows you to have a feeling of confidence and ease when collaborating with peers, a sense of fulfilment when being proactive and achieve & satisfaction in acknowledging your personal development.

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Why Executive Coaching?

The rich opportunities for personal growth and career-building change which the medium of Executive Coaching can deliver are limited only by the openness of the individual to embark on a path of discovery and the ability of the Coach to facilitate this.

My experience as an Executive Coach over the past 5 years, has taught me that when provided with the opportunity to be shown the path, my clients will find their way towards discovery and change for themselves. Providing input and support along that journey is my role as an Executive Coach and to do this I draw upon on a blend of interpersonal skills, professional training and work experience.

Coaching clients which whom I share this challenging journey come from a wide range of business sectors including finance, legal, manufacturing, hospitality and retail.


Executive Coaching – A Scenario

Kim opened our first coaching session with a story she had been told by her father about how his father (Kim’s grandfather) had told him to never expect anything from life because it was necessary to create our own opportunities in order to achieve success. Abiding by this principle, Kim’s father became the successful owner of a shoe factory in Kwai Chung.

Now, at the age of 38 and successfully pursuing a career as a designer with the Hong Kong office of a European sportswear company, Kim found herself at a point in her life where she was faced with the choice of accepting a transfer to head office and greater responsibilities or remaining in Hong Kong and ‘creating her own opportunities.’ Which should way should she go…the tried and true but uncertain way of her father’s and grandfather’s before her or the apparently secure corporate way?

Providing the opportunity to step back and get a perspective on the choices before her helped Kim to reach a balanced decision.

‘Malcolm Andrews has been part of our executive coaching resource for the past 12 months. The feedback from colleagues who have been working with Mr Andrews has been positive and he has maintained a good level of communication with us.’ HR Manager, Financial Services Company, Hong Kong. 

To discuss my services as an Executive Coach in more depth, please contact me on +852 9263 8594 (call or WhatsApp) / +852 2530 8121 or email: info@andrews.hk

“A big ‘thank you’ to Malcolm for helping me prepare for the presentation. Your coaching had the desired affect of boosting my confidence and calming my nerves.

I am surprised at the impact the presentation has had on the way I see myself and the way Management see me as a leader.

My only regret is not signing up sooner!”

Senior Manager, Financial Services

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