Looking back, the early part of my life was like being on a conveyor belt.

At school, I discovered I had artistic tendencies which made me feel good about myself and I started to gather some ambitions to be a commercial artist (Graphic Designer?) until, one wet and gloomy afternoon, the art teacher gave me the ego-shattering news that he’d never seen a left- handed commercial artist (I am left handed) and that I might as well forget it.

If Richard Branson had been in my shoes at that Art Class, he would have got up there and then,  stormed out of the school and become the first human in space. I however, just dropped the whole idea…overnight and gave up on myself.

But then, some time later, life’s conveyor belt took a more promising turn and I met someone I eventually proposed marriage to… the woman who became my wife.

‘Yes’ was her reply ‘But we have to leave the country within a year.’ This time, I at least managed to summon up a response which was, ‘ok!’ 

I was lucky because that turn set the course for my life. Or maybe it was a case of getting what I needed.