You are making progress along your career path. You have mastered the practical aspects of how to get things done and meet the expectations of the organisation. Now you are gaining higher visibility in the business and handling complex challenges.

At this level, managing successfully requires the smart use of a range of higher skills which are more intuitive, subtle and discretion to be applied. The Soft Skills suite includes over 60 strategic tools with which to get results within a fixed time frame.

Objective setting, Leading a Project Team, Stakeholder Management are examples

The key to making Soft Skills deliver optimal outcomes for you is to use them in tandem with your unique management style which is just one of the takeaways from this workshop…blending skills with strategy.


Soft Skills

Managing successfully requires the smart use of a range of higher skills which are more intuitive, subtle and needed require discretion to be used in their application.  At this level in the organisation, you will be introduced to the Soft Skills suite which includes Critical Thinking, Making a Case and Presentations.
For example…Objective Setting, Teamwork and Stakeholder Management are other examples of Soft Skills.


    • Meeting Management blend efficiency with spontaneity as you encourage engagement leading to effective outcomes
    • Experience-based Storytelling authenticity is crucial to the successful applications of your experiences and this tutorial will bring that to the front to be applied in situations from motivating colleagues to persuading clients.
    • Breakthrough Presentations  A successful presentation can deliver so much in return for the relatively low output involved in producing and delivering it and yet low expectation of presenters and  audiences result in outcomes that are far short of their potential. After this tutorial there will be no excuse for achieving anything less than your highest expectations.
    • Mentoring   For many of Managers, Mentoring was their first experience of responsibility of being responsible for the development of others and it’s a good place to start to find your management style because the benefits are rich for both Mentor and Mentee.  So get ready to step up and reach out with this tutorial


      about me

      I’ve been working in the Business Skills Development for …a long time : as an employee in the Publishing and Management Consulting fields and as an employer in Business Skills Development. I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the biggest organisation in it’s field globally.

      I also specialise in what I’m doing here….Work/Life Coaching and Business Skills Development. In addition to my own Coaching & Skills Development Consultancy, for the past

      I write a weekly article about Soft Skills and Work/Life Coaching on LinkedIn

      three core outcomes
      from executive coaching

      get clarity and insight into the issues you bring

      explore the options which lie ahead

      map an action plan going forward

      the view from my window

      work/life coaching & business skills development.

      Both these activities are based on the application of Soft Skills to help you open up your options and map out a way forward in a guided conversation.

      Or perhaps you’ve decided to get some input on a decision you need to make.

      During our conversations we might decide to apply some Critical Thinking to give us a different perspective on the issue.

      If you’re considering developing your Business Skills, you may have found my website through my weekly articles on LinkedIn in which I explore how Soft Skills can be helpful in situations which need the human touch plus a little added technique.

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       Malcolm Andrews

      Coaching Now

      I came to Coaching after working for several years in the Corporate Training field. 

      Many of the skills and experiences I gathered as a trainer were useful for our Coaching sessions, sometimes as a basis for role play and other times because the content illustrated specific situations that we were reviewing. 

      Bringing your experiences to life in this way can be helpful and introducing these tools into our Coaching conversation helps to pinpoint issues and cast light on your experiences.

      "Life is like DIY...
      ….it doesnt always fit perfectly”


      Responding to Disruption

      Of all the upheavals created by Covid 19, the most visible and perhaps the most unexpected was the overnight removal of business activity from the corporate workplace to the living rooms of its employees.

      Working from Home (WfH) as it became known, happened so fast and so smoothly that there wasn’t time to weigh up the pro’s and con’s of this move…good or bad. When given the go-ahead, employees undertook the biggest upheaval to hit the world of work since the invention of the printing press…the transformation of working from home being an occasional occurrence to it becoming the norm

      Our monthly podcast explores the experience of people who are taking the opportunity to make the Change which WfH made possible as meaningful and innovative as it can be

      Ideas, and experiences to make WFH work for you and your family.

      We support the idea of ‘All Life Learning.’ because the longer we live (and we are living longer), the more potential we have to gather and share knowledge and the experiences that come with that. A wide breadth of knowledge exposes us to a fuller range of what life has for us to explore and the deeper explore into the ‘how and why’ of our life, the more we nourish our curiosity, our sense of Being and maybe, an understanding of where we fit into it all.

      Watch out for regular information about All Life Learning here.