I must have been in a good mood the other day because I suddenly got the urge to join Eric Clapton in a chorus of ‘Layla.’ So imagine my disappointment when out of my mouth came nothing but a sad squawk! It had been a long time.

Luckily, Eric was very understanding. We were only on Spotify after all.

The thought occurred to me that it’s a good time to be able to sing more because WFH has given us a golden opportunity to be able to do just that. Well, we can’t sing in the office. It would be unusual even in the Pantry.

But at home, if we feel like humming or belting out a favourite number, we can just go ahead.

And it turns out that’s a good thing because as well as good feelings (wait for it) ‘Research has shown that….

…singing can be good for us! It may help lower stress, boost immunity and lung function, enhance memory, improve mental health, and help to cope with physical and emotional pain.

One other thing about singing is that you don’t have to be good at it to get the benefits.

So enjoy! but remember if you get the urge to burst into song outside the privacy of your own home…put your mask on!