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      Influence and Persuasion

      Your career so far may have been built on a body of knowledge and experience in negotiating critical supplier contracts, influencing major cross-functional project teams and stakeholders or persuading the workforce to accept changes in working practices. Now, at the level of senior management, the expectation is that rather than implementing or influencing decisions, you will be originating the ideas behind them and influencing peers, board members and investors that your ideas are worthy of consideration and justify the level of investment which they require. Our Influence & Persuasion programmes have been developed to help you to originate, develop and adapt your own creative thinking process and link this to your personal Persuasion Profile to provide a powerful influencing style with which to lead organisational change.


      Influence and Persuasion – A Scenario

      Peter began our first coaching session by telling me that every week he gives a daily briefing to technical experts in his field of specialization with the objective of persuading them to subscribe to a service which addresses issues of critical importance to their organisations.

      Although Peter felt comfortable with the value of his presentations and his credibility as an authority on the subject, he expressed concern about his success at persuading his audience to engage with him in a free flow of information exchange which would give his presentations a much more meaningful level of insight both for himself and the solutions he offers his clients. His dilemma was how to shift the focus of his presentations from one-way information sharing with the audience to a meaningful two-way dialogue.

      During the course of our sessions together, Peter explored the strengths and weaknesses of his presentation style and we discussed ways in which this could be developed to enhance the attractiveness of his proposition based on the expectations of his audience.

      ‘The tools & techniques that I have worked on in this programme are already making an impact on my presentations. The sessions on my own style, body language and use of emotion have been very useful. Thank you.’ Peter W, Head of Technical Support Services


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