it’s how we use it

80 billion nerve cells in our brain create an estimated 6,000 thoughts per day by sparking off micro electrical circuits which connect them to our brain cells before being carried to our conscious mind.

Conscious Attention is key to turning these thoughts into actions that help us adapt to a constantly changing world.

Examining, improving, reviewing… our enquiring mind asks ‘can we do this better?’ It’s a continuous non judgemental process of critique and enquiry which challenges what we do and the way we do it.

To ensure maximum coverage for this, we set parameters for each critical enquiry and focus our critique on how we are performing against specific criteria such as current best practice, our competitors’ activity, new innovation and market demand.

Then we can take action where we identify gaps in our performance.

We’re not criticising or looking for bad work. We’re not even problem solving. This is the Critical Thinking mindset which ensures we are the best that we can be now & continuously by applying conscious attention, asking questions and actively listening to the answers.