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      Management Style 1

      Management Style

      When they arrive at a point in their career where they are expected not only to produce results but also to contribute ideas, share opinions & command the confidence of top management, it is then that many managers begin to focus on their management style, particularly concerning how to relate to and influence others.

      This is my area of expertise. I aim to help my clients to achieve the feelings of fulfillment & satisfaction which come from contributing proactively at a senior level of management & acknowledging their personal development at the highest level.

      I achieve this by first working with managers to identify & then optimise their own unique leadership style.


      Management Style – A Scenario

      James had been working for the China/Hong Kong division of a multinational chemical company for 14 years. Joining as a Materials Engineer, he worked on a series of successful product development teams before being promoted to Senior Materials Engineer and then, 4 years later, to Technical & Engineering Manager.

      This year, James become a member of the Board as Production Director. During our initial coaching session, he talked about a ‘sense of misplacement’ which he described as ‘a lack of certainty about how my skills and experience fit with my new role.’ After years of being required to respond to the challenges of new projects, James was now required to apply his know-how proactively and look beyond the immediate tasks in front of him to consider a longer term perspective of economic trends, market developments, competitive challenges and economic risk.

      As we talked, James began to question the importance to him of the concept of ‘certainty’ and what this meant in his new role. His experience and skills seen from the perspective of his employers and the qualities which had prompted them to offer him a Directorship were discussed and in this context he began to construct a skill set aligned to the needs of the business and his role on the Board. Where gaps were identified in his existing skills, new ones were introduced to further strengthen James’ contribution.

      ‘My coaching sessions are helping me to approach my current role using the skills and tools required to create my own vision of what I can deliver for the business and a plan for achieving it which I feel is realistic.’
      James C, Production Director


      For information about our Management Style workshops, please contact me at info@andrews.hk. You may also reach me at +852 9263 8594 or +852 2530 8121.

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