The Golden Rule of Presentations

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Presentation Style

What is a “presentation”?

A presentation is a process of engagement and persuasion which leads from difference to agreement and a presentation plan is crucial to success.

Why a Presentation plan? – The Value of Planning

So, when you find yourself being facing an unenthusiastic audience …have you planned for it?

Because if you did, now your plan swings into action.

If you took time to think, for example, that “they’re going to say we’re asking them to do something which isn’t reasonable because that’s what they always did before” then you would have started to work out your strategy to deal with it as soon as you sat down to make your plan.

So what is your strategy and how do we know if it is going to be successful when you try it out? First, we need to set some objectives which are linked to measurable targets.


The Presentation Planning Worksheet is a structured way to collect this information in minutes. Download it here.

The No.1 Golden Rule of Presentation

Golden rule of presentation

The outcome depends almost entirely on how much you prepare ourselves and plan your strategy.

My experience shows that if the presenter has:

  • prepared for even just 1 hour before a meeting
  • defined the desired outcome,
  • planning how to engage with the audience
  • how to position their proposition
  • how to tackle some possibly tricky questions

They will always outperform someone who has not done any planning prior.

So, the initial phase of a presentation plan incorporates objective setting, key issues for the presentation and the audience and what outcomes need to be considered.

These tasks which impact positively and directly on the outcome.


To negotiate, you have to present your ideas.  You need to engage your audience, persuade them and ultimately leads from difference to agreement.  Use the free Presentation Planning Worksheet downloadable for free here to get the most out of your presentation.


Again, Plan Plan Plan!

Successful presenters make a plan and follow it. Here’s your checklist:

  • What’s Your Trigger? – if they like your product and they agree on all aspects of the proposition there’s an opportunity to persuade and reach an agreement.
  • Objectives – what do we need/want/wish?
  • Assess the needs and expectations of both parties


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