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Arrange a Presentation Skills Workshop to help struggling team members, junior managers and recently promoted senior staff build and maintain the important communications skills of presentation, delivery and engagement while giving presentations.

The Presentation Skills Training Workshop will teach your attendees to:

  • Understand their presentation style
  • Take ownership of their choices and behaviour
  • Choose external tools that support their presentations
  • Build and maintain the communications skills of engagement, understand and empathy

Why Book This Presentation Skills Workshop?

This is your opportunity to provide high-quality relevant training to your team, meeting the development needs of your staff, and empowering them to function more effectively both within your organisation and with external customers.

Presentation Workshop Availability

Courses available for booking at any time subject to training availability.

Locations include:

  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Shanghai
  • Bangkok
  • Other major Asian cities to meet your needs

Two-day workshops

The standard workshop consists of two full days from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm with a break for lunch.

One day workshops

One-day workshops are available.

Custom duration workshops

Custom duration workshops are available for those with special needs.  Call to enquire.


Costs depend on workshop size, duration and topics covered

Your workshop will be uniquely crafted to the requirements of the staff being trained.  Therefore time will be spent on:

  • Pre-workshop assessment
  • Workshop material development
  • Workshop delivery
  • Post-workshop feedback

A package price for the whole process will be provided once we have discussed the individual needs for your specific situation.

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About The Presentation Skills Workshop

  • Live in-person training: Proven to be more effective than online or recorded training
  • Participants interact and model behaviour with other participants during workshop
  • Practical material taken from trainees own working environment ensure engagement and interest
  • Participants of this workshop will leave with practical skills to make use of immediately, the confidence to do so because of the feedback that was given during the workshop
  • Walk away with skills, tools and techniques to make presentations not only effective but enjoyable

How the Presentation Skills Training Workshop Works

You will be able to specify which topic areas will be focus points during the workshop.
Assessements taken before the course material is developed will set the levels of the particular team members who will be attending
Post workshop feedback will ensure that next-steps for staff development are captured

This presentation skills workshop is appropriate for:

  • Sales staff – Those who need to present your company products and services to clients
  • Junior managers – Who may need to effectively report on progress of their projects or activities
  • Recent promotions – Staff who previously did not have to present so frequently
  • Leaders being developed – Where excellent presentation skills are a fundamental requirement

Presentation Skills Training Workshop Format

Real Trainer Led Workshop

Experienced trainers, one or two depending on your specific requirements, will lead the workshops providing not just skills transfer but also individual help as attendees work through exercises.

Tested Materials, Customized

Using a framework of well-tested materials a course specific to the unique requirements of your team will be presented. Modules will be added or removed as per your company needs, and each element will be customised based on the pre-workshop assessment

Key concepts

Key concepts regarding presentation skills will be highlighted allowing attendees to focus on what really matters to practical implement of the skills gained during the workshop.

Presentation Skills Workshop

“Excellent take-home materials for reference.”

May Wong*

Training Manager

* Names and photographs have been changed for privacy but wordings from testimonials is verbatim from actual workshop participants.

How to Book Your Presentation Workshop:

  1. Use the form below to request your proposal
  2. Meet with Malcolm Andrews to discuss your needs
  3. Receive and confirm the detailed proposal

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Presentation Skills Workshop

“Malcolm has clearly demonstrated the use of techniques of engagement & persuasion. The style discovery and optimisation were useful too.”

Anita Chu*

Training Manager

* Names and photographs have been changed for privacy but wordings from testimonials is verbatim from actual workshop participants.


Some frequently asked questions:

Are in-house workshops available

Yes, workshops can be arranged in your own office facilities.

Hotel conference rooms or other external training facilities are also suitable for the Presentation Skills Workshop.

Are trainers Native English Speakers
Yes, the training is provided by Malcolm Andrews, a native English speaker from the UK who has lived for over 30 years in Hong Kong.
Can training be arranged in China? Other Asian countries?

Yes, Malcolm Andrews has conducted workshops in many cities in China and can do so in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities.

Singapore, Bangkok, Macau and Taipei are also all available as training locations if your company requires that.

Is the training customized?

Yes. Based on your needs and the feedback from the participant assessment the whole training program is custom developed.

Using well-tested modules and combining them with material specific to the gaps and requirements of your staff ensure that the program is uniquely effective for your organisation.

When is the training available?
Training dates are flexible and depend on your requirements.
Will there be multiple trainers?
While Malcolm Andrews will be the lead trainer there may also be additional trainers depending on the size and requirements of your workshop group.
How can I get a quotation for the Workshop?

Contact Malcolm Andrews to discuss your workshop and receive a quotation specifically for your situation.


Phone/Whatsapp:  +852 9263 8594

Request proposal for your Presentation Skills Training Workshop

Successful Presentation Strategy Workshop

“The idea of “Not to assume what client wants” is quite inspiring, especially for the “curry example”.”

Peggy Yuen*

Training Manager

* Names and photographs have been changed for privacy but wordings from testimonials is verbatum from actual workshop participants