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      Proactive English at Work

      Express yourself, participate & get your point across, describe a complex process,  make person-to-person contact.


      Newly promoted senior managers in international companies find that being able to give basic, job-related information in English is not enough. The expectation is that they will be engaged with their management peers at a higher level of communication. Their opinions are required, they are expected to build relationships and connect socially. In conference calls and management meetings they must interject to express a view and comment on strategy. 


      This programme is for executives who, while competent in English, are not confident in their ability to use the language in a proactive and assertive way. I introduce practical, ‘set piece’  gambits which can be used to get started and build on these to develop a a wide range of situations from teleconferences to project management meetings, from performance reviews to dinner engagements. Role play is a major component of this workshop. Case Studies are introduced to practice new learning as it is introduced and then provide feedback on how this is being applied.


      • What’s Your Communication Style?
      • Opening gambits & questioning techniques
      • Interrupting strategies & expressing an opinion
      • Checking back, seeking clarification & reviewing
      • Refocussing & getting back into a discussion
      • Starting a conversation
      • Taking control in meetings: setting the agenda
      • Influencing & persuading

      Format :

      1. 2 day Workshop : 4-12
      2. 10 week Executive Coaching Programme: 1:1

        For information about this programme, please contact me at info@andrews.hk. You may also reach me at +852 9263 8594 or +852 2530 8121.

      I had been recently promoted in the multinational company where I work and was going to need to communicate using English which I was uncertain about. The course helped me to feel more confident about speaking up and intervening in English especially during teleconferences which I had previously found very difficult.


      Regional HR Director, International Financial Institution

      This programme helped me to feel more confident about participating in groups at work and also socially, using English. The role play aspect of the course helped me and was very powerful and I could see myself improving each time.


      Country Sales & Marketing Director, International IT Services Provider