That’s my flatmate taking the air on our roof. Her name is Suki and she’s an ideal flatmate.

We never argue over who will have the last Tim Tam or Chewy Stick but one quite sad thing about Suki is her low self esteem.

When you talk to her, you have to remember to smile otherwise she droops…eyes, ears, tail… because, I guess, she thinks she’s done something wrong.

The fact is that I don’t think I’ve ever known Suki to do anything wrong in her life. She’s just good.

For example, the winter evening we were walking on the hills near my place and came out high up through a tree plantation. After a rest we turned back for home but there was no sign of the path we’d come up on. It had vanished into the trees.

I was looking hopelessly around when I felt a swish of air against my leg as Suki came up from behind me and without so much as a glance in my direction, just kept walking. So I just followed her from track to track for nearly an hour as she kept up the same steady pace until we were standing outside  our front gate. She had an extra snack that night!

That day I discovered that Suki has an amazing sense of direction and she knows it because she has the confidence to use it. She took over and that’s Self Belief.

In the first place I worked at after I left school, there was a group of us all the same age. We sat together at tea breaks and talked about what we were going to do at the weekend.

There was one of us though who never said anything. We had been at the same school so we knew each other and one day I asked him what he was doing at the weekend. His answer was a surprise…   ‘’I’m flying to France’’. It turned out he had part ownership of a twin engine light aircraft which he kept at a local air field and he flew over the Channel in it most weekends!

I was seriously impressed and wondered why he hadn’t told us. He explained that at his previous job people made fun of him about it so he decided he’d keep it to himself. I couldn’t think of anything to say to that.

To know that you have something special going on that makes you feel so good about yourself that you don’t need anyone else to know about it. That’s Self Belief.

If you’re that person, who discovered something they knew, if they could just have that in their life, it was going to be all they needed to feel complete…and they went out and made it happen and they did feel complete and continued to make it happen….if you’re that person, I salute you. 

You are living proof of the power of Self Belief