When I posted my first Soft Skills article on Mindfulness back in September, I said that I hadn’t seen it on any list of Soft Skills and so I felt that including it in this series could possibly be considered as a a step too far beyond the boundaries of the business world.

So, you can imagine my delight last week when The Harvard Business Review ran a Management Tip of the Day with the heading ‘Make Mindfulness Be A Part of Your Routine’ and suggesting some helpful tips like the benefits of practicing being Mindful in a group and working with an instructor.

HBR also cautioned about expecting too much at the start from our free ranging minds when trying out Mindfulness for the first time being careful to just trust the process, keep going and wait for the rewards to arrive.

Tantalizingly, the HBR doesn’t go on to say exactly what these rewards are or perhaps they assume that we already know but just in case, I will share some of them here. 

By the way, I’m encouraged to do this because the September article I mentioned earlier drew the most number of ‘Likes’ of all the articles I’ve published so far on Linkedin.

Some of the benefits to be derived from Mindfulness include…

stress reduction – improved decision making – reduced blood pressure – improved sleep patterns.

Look out for more on Mindfulness here in coming weeks