Moving up

Your team members making progress along their career path. They’ve mastered the practical aspects of how to get things done and fulfil the expectations of the company. They are gaining higher visibility in the organisation and are beginning to handle more complex challenges such as managing projects and meeting targets.

At this level, managing successfully requires the smart use of a range of second tier skills which are more intuitive, subtle and require discretion to be used in their application.

To be sure of their success moving up in the organisation, you are planning to introduce your team to more complex skills.  Soft Skills for example, such as Critical Thinking, Making a Case, Managing a Complex Challenge.

You want them to lead a team in a way which will get results but also gives each member new challenges which they can work through together within a specific time frame.  Objective setting, Teamwork and Stakeholder Management are Soft Skills which will be needed.

Whereas the hard skills they have been using provided the basic toolkit they needed to complete their tasks at a less demanding level…calculation, assessing, reporting, etc…they now need to select and apply skills that can help them achieve optimal effectiveness in more complex and dynamic situations with more discretion and finesse.

The Soft Skills Accelerator includes these programmes…

Making a Case – Decision Making – Critical Thinking – Analysing – Questioning Brainstorming – Active Listening – Time Management – Influencing Stakeholders – Leading a Team Meeting Influence & Persuasion – Defending a Case – Questioning

Each Soft Skill is interlocking and most effective when used collaboratively rather than singly. Part of the skill of managing and delivering soft skills is knowing how to achieve their optimal impact by deploying them in formations which draw on and manipulate blocks of skills to arrive at innovative solutions.


The course focusses on each soft skill which has been identified as being required by participants. In addition to the individual aspects of each skill, we will also explore their added value when deployed jointly in a range of formations and applications.

The scenarios we will use to illustrate the potential of each soft skill will be described and selected by course participants.

The block of soft skills to be included in each Accelerator programme will be determined based on the requirements of the participants and the expectations of their organisation. To ensure the depth of knowledge and practical application of each skill, we will normally focus on a maximum of 8 skills based on the requirements of participants.

Workshop Duration:  Full Day: 8 hours

In-Company Format

    Optimal Number of Participants: 1 – 12

    Delivery: Full day Workshop Format

Personal 1:1 Coaching                                        

    4 session of 2 hours each

The Soft Skills Development Suite

Each of the soft skills included in this Development Suite has been selected because of the value it adds when used collaboratively with a range of other skills. 

We will examine each Soft Skills from 3 perspectives: Selection, Application & Collaboration. Case Studies will be used to simulate each area of investigation and to provide practice in exploring their capabilities.

Making a Case

Decision Making

Critical Thinking

Leading a Team Meeting




Influencing & Persuading

Active Listening

 Time Management

 Influencing Stakeholders

Defending a Case

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