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      Stakeholder Communication: A 360° Approach

      Objectives :

      The success of cross-functional project teams depends heavily on the ability of category specialists to understand and manage the expectations of their stakeholders. Whilst specialist competencies are a given, the ability to lead and facilitate the group, particularly when under pressure, may be more challenging. This programme is designed for specialist and technical manager’s who are required to interact with both internal and external stakeholders and in the process of this interaction, lead cross-functional project teams. For individual managers, this activity can be challenging as it requires skills and experience which they may not yet have attained in their career. For the organization, it addresses the issue of how to ensure that key projects are facilitated in a way which ensures outcomes greater than the sum of the contributions of all stakeholders including shareholders, external suppliers and customers as well as the functional stakeholders involved internally.

      Content :

      This programme is based upon the view that all cross-functional team projects involve the introduction of change to the organization whether new initiatives, improved processes or innovation of product developments. For change to happen, stakeholder relationships and communications need to be carefully managed because…there will always be resistance to change. The function expert tasked with leading a cross-functional team must not only arrive at a successful outcome on time and on budget, but must also facilitate the team members and maintain a focus which motivates them to achieve change i.e. new directions and opportunities for the organization.

      The learning style is case study related based on client experience.

      Toolkit :

      • Establishing the need for change & how this project will achieve it
      • Force-field Analysis – the forces for and against change
      • Who are our stakeholders and what are their drivers?
      • Mandelow’s Stakeholder Relationship Management & Level of Predictability
      • Influencing and Persuading our Stakeholder – The Behavioural Spectrum
      • The Cross-functional team as a vehicle for change
      • The Leadership Continuum: what’s your facilitation style?
      • Conflict Management, compromise, consensus & decision-making

      Format Options

      1. 2 days: 16 hour workshop, max 12 participants,
      2. 8 x 2 hr coaching sessions 1:1


      I wasn’t sure if I would be able to manage internal stakeholders but this programme has helped me develop techniques to identify how and I can contribute my expertise and experience alongside other specialists taking the lead when appropriate.


      Country Product Manager, European Chemical Manufacturer

      We had a communication gap between our end users and specialists.  Thanks to your programme, we now understand the reasons for this and have already begun to resolve them


      Regional Purchasing Director, International Sourcing Company

      Thank you, I feel much more confident about taking my part alongside professional colleagues on project teams.


      Regional Sales & Marketing Director, International FMC