The Breakthrough Presentations Workshop

How can you improve your presentation skills and still be your authentic self?

This unique workshop explores a way to build on and utilise your existing communication style which, with added tools and techniques, will engage your audience and give you the confidence to deliver every message in your own personal style from start to finish. 

Discover and explore a set of presentation tools and public speaking techniques which are designed for you to personalise, develop and apply back in the workplace to create and deliver your own authentic and engaging presentation delivery style.

The techniques and tools are designed to fit comfortably with your own personal communication style

Common difficulties which often obstruct the development of an effective presentation style will be addressed in addition to specific challenges which are faced by each participant.

Some difficult aspects of presentations we will focus on include:

how to break out of the confinements of the presentation deck to make it work for you?

when we realise that it’s us the presenter, who is in charge and not the deck, then we are on our way to taking ownership of the presentation.

how to manage nerves?

nerves can give us an extra edge to our presentations without which our message can be flat and lacking in feeling. When we learn easy-to-use techniques with which to manage our nerves we can actually begin to enjoy them!

how to implement a ‘start-to-finish’ presentation planning methodology?

Planning is the No 1 Golden Rule of successful presentations

We will try out some techniques which make planning bearable but practical.

How to make the most of the nonverbal communication resource.

Being subtly creative with our facial expressions and synchronising our overall gestures and posture during a presentation can have a dramatic impact on the attention levels and of the audience (positively and negatively). We will discuss a range of nonverbal communication techniques and discover which of these will enhance your communication style and how to use them effectively.

How to define, optimise and measure successful presentation outcomes?

most people recognise their tendency to be overly self critical at the end of a presentation… ‘Why did I say that?’, ‘Why didn’t I say that?’ etc. Setting some realistic objectives before we start can help us to be more objective post presentation. Instead of being emotional, we can be rational and check off which of our objectives we did or didn’t cover.

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These are some of the tools which we will explore during the Breakthrough Presentations Workshop. Other techniques will include a series of simulation exercises followed by review and individual coaching.

 The Breakthrough Presentation Workshop is the result of over a decade spent working with managers across Asia Pacific to develop an outcome-focused communication style which delivers three key elements of Presentation Skills Training: Information, Engagement, & Persuasion. 

Key Deliverables

Your Message 

Principles of Deck Design

Responding to Audience Expectation & Objectives

Positioning the Message

Your Style – Should you Change?

Three Communication Elements




Q & A Planning

Dealing with Nerves

Course Organisation

This workshop is organic in structure with 3 themes running throughout:

Content, Performance & Impact.

The delivery method is engaging, practical and reviewable. To ensure a 360° perspective, every participant will create and deliver a minimum of 3 video recorded presentation run-throughs (part and full)

The Breakthrough Presentations Workshop is presented as follows:


Online/Skype, Face to Face, In-Company


Online/Skype, Face to Face: 2 hours x 4
In-Company: 8 hours (9am-5pm)

Number of Participants:

Online, Face to Face: 1 – 2
In-Company: 1-25