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      Personalised Interview Techniques For You & How the Interviewer Views Them



      Presenting ourselves to others in a way that captures the best of what you bring to an organisation is something that you are possibly least qualified to do. We are our own worst critic and you are unlikely to have a completely clear and objective view of all of your strengths and weaknesses. In this training programme, we seek to create a strong, confident image which highlights the unique personal qualities you will bring to your new role whilst at the same time displaying optimal compliance with the requirements and expectations of the organization. A personalised Interview Profile will be created covering two aspects: Content (about you/about them) & Delivery (how you look and sound).

      This workshop will not only help you build a Master Plan for building a personalised interview strategy, we will also work with you to construct the best way to deliver it.



       Based on the Interview Profile created in Session 1,  following sessions will focus on the skills gaps which need to be closed in order optimise your performance during the interview. Subject areas will explore aspects of communication including : Engaging, Asserting & Influencing Techniques; Authenticity Assurance; Creating your unique proposition;  Sequencing your story: creating & packaging it to fit the priorities of the organization position as well as its broader corporate culture; Knowing your strengths, Clarifying your goals, Expressing opinions & Presenting yourself using both verbal & nonverbal tools to create a ‘joined-up’ persona.



      The Interview Readiness Workshop is an 8 hour, hands-on learning opportunity for individual clients 1:1.  An inclusive fee of HK$8,900 per participant includes consultation and identification of individual and corporate objectives, development of workshop content, simulation exercise development & training materials