Ever been going ahead with a plan when at the last minute you get an idea which makes you want to dump the script and go free fall?

Whoa! that’s a rush. Like jumping through closing train doors.

It feels like you went out of control for no apparent reason, but the outcome often can turn out for the better and we get the sensation of a rogue thought which we shrugged off only to hear it blurt out of our mouth during the meeting.  

What’s that all about?

Did we lose control, or did we gain it by going with our instincts?

If we make a habit of that and the law of averages works in our favour we might be encouraged to go more with our instincts.

Some advice I got once might from a mentor that I should approach every business decision like it was my own money seemed to make sense at the time.

Let’s consider the timeless wisdom of Lieutenant Columbo who still lulls criminals (on cable tv) into a smug sense of security by seeming to blunder down a wrong line of enquiry until… as he is about to walk out of the door and join his long-suffering wife for dinner, he turns, puts his nicotine stained finger in the air and reveals to the astonishment of everyone, the truth about the crime that had been committed, detail by detail.

Feel like letting your freek flag fly with this? See my July 25 2020 Article here onMentoring. You might owe it to someone.    

RIP Peter Falk, Actor 1927 – 2011