Of all the upheavals created by the Covid pandemic, the most visible and maybe the most unexpected was the overnight removal of business activity from corporate workplace to the living rooms of it’s employees.

from Home (WfH)’ as it became known as, happened so fast and so smoothly that there wasn’t the time to weigh up the pro’s and con’s, let alone the risks.

For many, it was the speed at which WfH happened that spelt out the seriousness of the  situation. The sudden sight the next sight of deserted roads and empty railway stations looked too much like a sci-fi disaster movie.

And it’s this build up of support for WfH which was brought about by the quick response and support of the workforce that got me thinking about what other changes to the quality of our daily lives could we benefit from as the result of the disruptive power of Covid…benefits for our families.

And that’s the theme embedded in these monthly…Covid created a culture of remodellyng the status quo…what are the opportunities to do things better?

Helping to explore these ideas in these Podcasts will be some friends I’ve met who made some big changes and grabbed some opportunities in their lives already, before Covid and how this changed things different for them.

So join us in every month at our website as we explore ways to build on this popular transition which is opening up so many new opportunities to change our day-to-day different routines in ways that improve our lives.  After all, it was your swift action, cooperation, and application that made WFH work so let’s hear you your dreams because this may be the moment in time when we can make changes.

Let’s make the day revolve around more than a work schedule and explore how we can apply  our knowledge and experience to make new choices.