We are in an ‘Out-of-the-Box’ time.

Covid has disrupted so many things which we took for granted that the same ‘normal’ no longer seems to apply.

Reality is still happening but it isn’t recognisable.

Disastrous mortality rates, mass restrictions of movement, international travel brought to a halt, commuting and fixed working hours vanished overnight.

With all this going on, I had the feeling that I needed to stand still and take stock of my own personal ‘normal’… my ambitions, dreams, values…all those things that stretch into the future but which influence what I do now.

I needed to take some bearings.

So I thought through my plans, my worries, interests, the ambitions which had survived along with me.

Taking stock and coaching myself  helped me reassess my priorities and examine my options, which all came together tot gave me a feeling of ‘self’.

together to give me my own ‘Out of the Box’ plan. Acting on that has had some unexpected outcomes.

I don’t know how this will pan out but it’s giving me a sense of reassurance.

If you feel that a Coaching session would be helpful, get in touch and book one at no-charge and with no obligation

online before March 10th.