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      Engaging with the Audience – The Why & How

      For many people speaking in front of an audience is scary. You must present a topic that you are supposed to know well (that’s why you were chosen to talk about it), while everyone in the room is staring at you. Hundreds of thoughts are going through your head…’Do I...

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      Engagement – It’s Not Automatic

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      Plan to Persuade

      Engagement – It’s Not Automatic Recently, I’ve been exploring information, engagement, persuasion as a presentation process with diverse groups like commodity sellers, financial analysts and engineering consultants. It has been quite easy to identify these 3 elements...

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      Hidden Talent Revealed

      Here are some fascinating insights into the early days of the Beatles following the death, at 90, of George Martin, their producer. Writing in the New York Times, Alan Kozin tells this story: ‘A Day in the Life’ , the Beatles song which ends the ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely...

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      Personality Testing – A Case of Tail Wagging Dog

      An article in the Financial Times by Murad Ahmed about Personality Testing includes a survey which found that 64% of readers had taken a personality test at some point. On that basis, this is something which most people (those working with international companies at...

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      Interesting Experience in a Role Play

      Recently I had an interesting experience in a role play during a negotiation workshop. Role plays are a great way for people to explore different options, allowing them to try out different behaviours in an environment sufficiently realistic to make it meaningful, yet...

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      The Golden Rule of Presentations

      What is Presentation A presentation is a process of engagement and persuasion which leads from difference to agreement. The Value of Planning So, when you find yourself being facing an unenthusiastic audience …have you planned for it?Because if you did, now your plan...

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