Communication Skill Training

What is Communication? 

Exchanging information and knowledge by



or using some other medium

Why Train for Communication Skills


Better writing skills means getting messages across effectively and reducing misunderstandings and need for repeated follow-ups.

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Formal Presentations with slides in front of small and large groups is a necessary part of the duties of every business person. Being better at this means being more effective.

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English skill at Work is vital for daily communication, participation in office activities and the ability to move forward effectively in your career path.

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Types of Communication Skill Training Programs

Presentation Skills Workshop

Discover and build your presentation style using a 6-step planning process.

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Proactive English at Work

Express yourself, participate and get your point across, describe a complex process,  make person-to-person contact.

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Stakeholder Communication

Who are our stakeholders and what are their drivers? How to influence and persuade our stakeholders?

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Negotation Skills Training

Link your own authentic style of influencing & persuading to our set of best practice negotiation techniques and you’ll  see the result by the end of the day!

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Effective Communication 

From emails to proposals and report, writing in English at work often takes more time and effort than it should and the outcome may sometimes fail to reflect your style.

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Presentation Style

Identify your preferred style of presentation and then build this to ensure optimal impact and effectiveness.

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